A HOT and beautiful Sunday at the pool! Lots of dogs made new personal best this weekend and there were some newbies doing their first official jumps.

The location was new for Splash Dogs: the parking lot of a small shopping center that is home to Happy Tails Barkery as well as Paws for a Cause, the thrift store of ResQ Animal Coalition. Between jumps I visited both of these establishments for my first time.

I was pleasantly surprised by the selection and prices at the Barkery. They had some Orbie-brand products that I thought were only available online. There was also a huge clearance section. I didn't get to mosey around as long as I would have liked because I was late for my next appointment.

The Paws for a Cause thrift shop was also very clean and classy. The rescue specializes in placing small dogs from around Northern California. However, I had a very interesting conversation with the president about her more unusual rescues, parrots and tortoises.

The dock-jumping community is warm and friendly. I wandered around the canopies and tailgates, greeting old friends and meeting new. Some had traveled over 3 hours and stayed overnight to jump the two-day event. I felt very fortunate to have such an event just across town from me!

There were a lot of labs and their crosses, a small horde of golden retrievers, various shepherds, a dachshund, and a few bully breeds. World-record holder Hudson was there from Vacaville, but he was jumping fairly conservatively (for him). Amongst the new jumpers was Gretchen, a golden retriever/Bernese(?) from Cottonwood, and a pretty unique blue-eyed, black-and-white husky/pit bull. Several of the spectators were interested in taking up the sport with their dogs. The next dock-jumping class offered by Shasta Splash Dogs will begin in August. 

Nera's female lab gets better every jump! 20'5" is her new best. Dakota and Celeste came one inch short of breaking the German Shepherd record of 23'. Keep it up!

The crowd tried really hard to urge this Golden in for her first official jump but she wasn't.... quite... ready....!

And finally this itty bitty, uh.... I'm not sure what she was, she was just arriving when I was leaving... I'm gonna call her a small pit-bull...? Anyway, the little champ took the blue ribbon in the Lap Dog division!

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