In 1892, the Ruggles Brothers robbed the stagecoach on Middle Creek Road, stealing $5,000 in gold coins. John and Charles Ruggles were soon found, jailed, and lynched in the town of Shasta but the loot was never found. Today you can walk that infamous route (newly graded and paved!), speculate which gully the robbers sprang from, and ponder where the gold might be hiding in the canyon below. The lower part is nearly flat and connects to the Sacramento River Trail but the upper part, where we walked, is hilly and scenic.

We had the bonus feature this walk of a bunch of KIDS and a STROLLER! Gus the black Labrador Retriever brought his sweet family and they provided the dogs with an important socialization component by interacting in non-threatening ways. The presence of kids absolutely made Biscuit's day-- Biscuit is a Cavalier King Charles' Spaniel who just moved in with Sharon, and he apparently adores children!

Marty brought a friend's dog, Blinker, a Catahoula Leopard Hound who is entirely blind from birth. Though Blinker isn't used to being around so many amazing smells and sounds, he seemed to have a great time!

We also had Lacie, a dock-jumping Kelpie-mix; Diesel, an Australian Cattle Dog who came all the way from Shingletown; Curry the German Shepherd; and Rogue, the wolf-dog from Lewiston.

More photos can be found in our Facebook album.