A great time was had at Haven Humane's Dogathon in Redding June 8th, even though it was hotter than blazes. I put a rug in my dogs' crates and kept dumping ice on it throughout the day. They stayed a lot perkier than I did! Dock jumping was of course the popular event, letting the dogs fly off into the cool blue yonder. In some cases the dogs were swimming for numbered balls that corresponded to big prizes, a fun contest that was greatly enjoyed by spectators and participants. The Zippity Dog sprint racing opportunity unfortunately had to be ended early due to heat concerns-- thanks, Patti Wells, for bringing your equipment, hopefully next year we will have running weather!

The Mondioring group ran through obedience exercises that they will perform at a real trial in Corning on June 22nd. Judge Aida, from Lake County, provided helpful feedback. There were also Search & Rescue demonstrations and the WestMuttster family dog show. Not to brag, but my dog, Coda, won Best of Show on the merit of her persistent and unshakeable sit-stay.

It was great to see friends again and make some new ones. I hope that next year's Dogathon will be even bigger & better (and cooler)!