I try not to pick favorites but here are a few reasons why MondioRing trials are more fun than AKC trials:

  • “Stand next to Batman” is a legit judge's direction
  • Heeling pattern goes through a carousel of huge, fluffy stuffed animals
  • Men in padded suits firing pistol blanks while being chased by a dog
  • Award plaque features 2-headed Cerberus dog

The “Carnival” themed trials in Corning this weekend were fun, lively, and challenging to both canine and human competitors. The bitework was excellent with decoys Oscar Mora and Andrew Ramsey doing the honors. There were a range of breeds participating: Cane

Corsa, American Bulldog, Rottweiler, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, and Lab/German Shepherd. The parking area was a constant parade of dogs and puppies going to and fro the water pools to cool off on the HOT opening day. Sunday was cooler with a welcome sprinkle of rain in the morning

Do these dogs enjoy what they're doing? Watch the tails and grins. Protection sports were once trained mostly by compulsion and hard knocks that only the toughest dogs survived. In contrast, managing rewards-- usually games of ball or tug-- produces eager working dogs from a broader variety of temperaments. Dogs trained to bite sleeves and bite-suits are not expressing rage, fear, or murderous intent: they are engaging in a game of tug with the equipment. Friendly, stable temperament is important in a working dog because they are expected to perform complicated tasks in public, under all sorts of conditions.

Five teams played for MondioRing “obedience only”, a very accessible routine that is open to any dog who can pass a temperament test. The video below is of Sharon Jerge and Belgian Malinois “Pepe” performing a full MondioRing Obedience routine + hurdle.

Facebook albums for Day 1 and Day 2

More about Protection Sports

Below is a Defense of Handler routine by Dana McMahan and Rottweiler "Ciro", Andrew Ramsey decoy.