To celebrate the launch of, we're giving away this handsome dog jump! This is going to look sweeet in your backyard, with you casually showing your friends how you've trained your dog to leap it, both directions!
These jumps are built from ALL RECYCLED MATERIAL by Redding general contractor David Carpentier, who happens to be my Dad <3!
The 41” posts are solid wood, carved with cradles at 6-inch intervals to give the 3' vinyl-wrapped, PVC rail easy kick-out. Rail heights are 12" to 36". The bases are built from pressure-treated wood for longevity on wet ground and-- here's the best part-- it's a 5-piece modular! The posts pull easily out of the bases so you can toss this baby in the back of your dog-mobile and head to the park.

I'm more into earth tones than the typical gaudiness of commercial agility equipment, so I love the colors on this custom jump! This is a large heavy prize, so although the sweepstakes is open to all CA residents, it is PICK-UP ONLY. Read more terms and conditions

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