THE BEST PART: Miles of lonely single-track and double-track ranging from nearly flat to 2,000 ft elevation gain, lots of shoreline to swim, boating opportunities, camping

LEASHES: Required in developed areas

FEES: Required throughout the park, $10/week or $40 for the year (also good at Lassen). Administered by National Park Service

HAZARDS: backcountry has hunting in fall, pot-growing in the summer/fall, rattlesnakes, bears and mountain lions are occasionally encountered, lots of ticks, poison oak along trails. Beware of equestrians and bikers.

PROHIBITED: No dogs on developed beaches, dogs OK on undeveloped shorelines


Camden House Historic District (1.5 mi, flat, creek access, mostly shaded)

Crystal Creek Falls (.3 mi, flat, water access at lower falls, little shade)

Oak Bottom Ditch Trail (1.5 miles one way, flat, several access points to the lake, mostly shaded)

Brandy Creek Falls Trail (1.5 miles one way, steep, frequent creek access, fully shaded)

Boulder Creek Falls Trail (1.4 mi one way, flat, shady)

Mt Shasta Mine Loop Trail (3.1 mile loop, steep, creek access winter & spring, 1/2 shade)

Whiskeytown Falls Trail (1.7 miles one way, steep, some creek access, shady and cool in the canyon)

Visit the Whiskeytown website or view the MAP for locations