THE BEST PART: Quiet, easy access, lots of creek crossings.
Check out the very cool abandoned mine on north side of SH299 and the rock-built "Moot" and fire-ring about 1 mile north of the highway. There are trails on each side of Salt Creek from the Sac River Trail to Highway 299. These trails do not appear on maps, as they are unofficial, but they are well maintained for hiking and biking. The steeper but shadier "Middle Creek Connector" trail is also available to complete a loop.
On the south side of the highway, the partly shaded Upper Salt Creek trail eventually connects to Lower Springs Rd. From there, one can access the Westside Trails via Valparaiso Way. There is a switchback section that is exposed but not extremely steep.

HAZARDS: Beware of bikes, rattlesnakes.

LEASHES: Not required (according to trailhead sign)


Map for Upper Salt Creek Trail