And we want YOU to love training too! That's why Shasta Dogs teaches people how to use rewards effectively in training. Teaching a dog to work hard for rewards gets very fast and consistent responses without bringing unnecessary stress and conflict to training.


Rewards are also called "positive reinforcement". It can be food, toys, play, or whatever the dog wants to do at the moment. It is any good thing your dog is interesting in working to get more of.
When your dog sees that obeying you is the easy, fun way to get what he wants most in life, what do you think happens? Happy, willing obedience!
This creates a great bond for living and working together.

Let's get started on how to train!

Shasta Dogs recommends Donna Hill's training video series, available free on YouTube. Please watch the intro video below, then scroll down to learn about how to begin training by this method.

Training with Markers

Creating a simple language you and your dog share is the first step for clear communication. A marker is a sound that means "you won!" It is the first word or sound in your training language. Teach the dog that when he hears the sound, it means he has earned a reward. A marker is different from praise. It is not a reward itself, it only tells the dog it has earned a "real" reward. Many people use a clicker to mark with, though you can also use a short word.

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how to start training with markers & rewards

See the Sport & Work pages for specialty training resources.