For teaching your dog to be still, especially when you leave it alone, I highly recommend animal behaviorist Dr. Karen Overall's Protocol for Relaxation. This exercise is beneficial for every dog, even those who could be mascots for the physics law, "a body at rest tends to stay at rest". Sedentary dogs will be pleased that, at last, their owner wants exactly what they do best! Team spirit!

This 2 week series builds trust in your dog that you will always come back to them, it teaches them that being still is rewarding, and it gives them the chance to learn how to la-de-da the time away in quiet passiveness while they wait. I don't need to tell you that some dogs do not know how to be idle! You will also begin to read your dog better: watch for the signs that he is about to get up, that he feels uncomfortable with a distraction, that he is relaxed, that he knows what you're going to do next. Read all the instructions and move at the pace described, even if your dog seems like he could handle much longer stays in the beginning. You're not training an action, you're changing his heart and mind on the matter of staying.