Mushing (AKA "pulling") sports are great for medium-to-large dogs who like to run! If you don't have a whole team of dogs, you can try skijoring, where 1 or 2 dogs pulls a handler on cross-country skis. Training for this sport is relatively easy but athletic conditioning is a must. The Siskiyou Snow Dogs Sporting Association is a great local resource for sledders. They host a mid-winter race in Weed that draws dog-teams from around the world.

The off-season for sledding dogs has spawned use of  various wheeled vehicles: 4 wheeled carts, 3-wheeled trikes, scooters, and of course the class bikejouring rig. Cani-cross is jogging with ski-jouring gear, with the human getting some benefit from the canine's forward pull. Mushing harnesses should be properly fit the dog and not put pressure on the trachea. Harnesses are available at a good price from Alpine Outfitters

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