Shasta Dogs encourages reward-based training that creates quick, eager obedience. For the video tour of how this works, click here.

For hands-on experience, come to a SHASTA DOGS GUIDED WALK. There you can:

  • Ask questions
  • Get feedback
  • Observe experienced trainers

Check the calendar for various other workshops, park days, and clinics.

For more personalized training opportunities, Shasta Dogs encourages you to connect with a LOCAL PROFESSIONAL DOG TRAINER.

For specialty training (agility, scenting, Farm Hunt, etc), check out the SPORTS & WORK pages. 

Shasta Dogs promotes keeping dogs healthy with nutrition & prevention.
One of our major emphases is heartworm prevention, a serious mosquito-borne disease that is very common in Northern California.


The index of PLACES TO GO WITH DOGS is updated frequently with seasonal conditions and photos.

Remember, untested, aggressive, or unreliable dogs should never be off-leash in public use areas. Train a reliable recall before you go off-leash!

Shasta Dogs publishes and distributes material on training and behavior. We have it on-hand at walks, demos, & events and are eager to share it with owners!

If you would like to distribute or use our material at your own events, contact us!

Shasta Dogs applauds the work of shelters and dog rescue organizations. Many wonderful dogs are waiting for homes! Check out our index of Northern California rescues and the adoptable dogs in Northern California on

We also support users who foster/train for shelters and rescues. Our events are a great place to work adoptable-dogs-in-training.