A great sport for any size dog with a love for balls and good social skills! Flyball is a relay race for dogs. Specialized timing and ball-return some equipment is necessary. Teams can be composed of dogs of similar breed or mixed breed. There are four hurdles between the start and finish of each run which are set to 5 inches below the wither height of the smallest dog on the team. Dogs must run from their handler to the flyball box, which springs a tennis ball to them on contact. When they return to their handler with the ball, the next member of the team is released to run the course, and so on until all 4 team members have run the course error free, without dropping a ball or a dog being released early.

Strike Force (Facebook page)

Redding, CA. Contact Patty 549-3325 or Tami: 221-9490

Sacramento Flyball Club

Sacramento, CA

Starfleet Flyball Club

Sacramento, CA

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