The best way to stay updated on walks is the Facebook page. RSVP if you plan to come so that our guides can plan for numbers!

What you can expect

Discuss with the guide and other participants what you are hoping to work on (loose-leash walking, focus, etc) so that we can support you with as much space, time and feedback as you desire. Expect to sign a waiver for participation and photo use.

We will use mainly food to motivate with. Toys are OK so long as other dogs are not too distracted by them.

You are vital part of the training community on the walk. Others may ask you to stand still or pass by them for training purposes. Feel free to request the same!

Much of the walk is dialoguing about challenges and successes in training. We are very supportive so don't hesitate to share your frustrations or doubts.

All legal training tools are allowed and no breed of dog is banned.

In order to keep the walk low-stress for all participants, reliance on continual punishment, shouting, and negativity are discouraged. We are here to enjoy our dogs and each other with confidence and harmony. If you have doubts about whether you can manage your dog on a group walk, please work with a trainer on an individual basis first to increase your confidence.

If a dog has a history of biting, we ask that you use a muzzle that he can pant and drink in (Baskerville muzzles are good). Remind and request from other that your dog needs a larger bubble at this stage. We will recommend you claim the last spot in line so that your dog won't feel threatened by strange people/dogs behind him.

The best way to stay updated on walks is the Facebook page. RSVP if you plan to come!