Any athletic dog with an interest in toys can be taught beginning disc sports (AKA "Frisbee"). For more advanced tricks like vaulting off the owner, dogs 20-35 lbs are ideal. The equipment is relatively cheap: good discs from a rubber material that won't cause tongue bleeds cost $8-25.

To develop an interest in the disc, begin by knocking it around on the lawn, waving it tauntingly, and-- if your dog has an excellent "out" command-- playing tug with it. Once the dog is comfortable with the feel of the disc in its mouth and eagerly snatching for it when you swing it around, you can practice some short upward tosses or drops of just a few feet for the dog to practice snapping out of the air. In my experience, it was much harder for me to learn to throw the disc than for the dog to learn to catch it!

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