THE BEST PART: Little used, easy access off Clear Creek Rd, nearly flat, exercise stations.

FEE: None

LEASHES: Not required

HAZARDS: Rattlesnakes, ticks, rarely mountain lions and bears, dead salmon on bank certain seasons, mosquito-filled pools. LOTS of poison oak. Star thistle and goathead thorns in the first quarter-mile, from about June-Dec. Avoid these by taking the trail straight down the fenceline from the parking lot. The trail has intermittent shade.

USER FAVORITES: Go left at the trail split, in the shady gully turn right and make your way down to a lovely stoney ford, great for retrieving. Check out the weird mining piles, holes, and clefts in the terrain. This is a great trail for biking with lots of water access and only a few hills between Honeybee and Gold Dredge.

Trail Map