THE BEST PART: Intriguing gold-rush era house, orchard and mine, frequent creek access, wide, nearly flat trail for 1 mi. Small sandy beach & picnic tables on Clear Creek just a short walk from parking. Lots of interesting structures and features to look at in a semi-wild setting, GREAT place for young kids to explore.

FEES: Required throughout the park, $5 a day or $25 for the year (also good at Lassen). Administered by National Park Service

HAZARDS: Rattlesnakes, bears and mountain lions are occasionally encountered, lots of ticks, poison oak along trails, sometimes mosquitoes in spring. Horses and bikes occasionally encountered.

LEASHES: Required, though rarely enforced on remote trails

From the Camden House there are a number of trails of various lengths. Follow the road past the old barn to the El Dorado Mine stamp mill. This trail is known as Mill Creek, and shade and access to water make it great for summer strolling. In winter, the 19 creek crossings can be difficult to navigate. Bugs can be a problem certain times of the year. This trail gets increasingly narrow and steep and eventually (6 or 7 miles) intersect Whiskeytown Falls Trail.

Clear Creek Vista trail diverges from Mill Creek shortly after the mine and after a steep but fairly short climb, will bring you to a narrow, flat ditch trail that clings to the side of the mountain. The topography, plant life, and views along this trail are varied and exotic. This trail goes all the way to Carr Powerhouse, about 2 miles.

Visit the Whiskeytown website for more info