THE BEST PART: Leash-free running on about 2 acres of grassy, fenced parkland, some shade. Separate small dog area on south end.

HAZARDS: very boggy after rain, high risk of Parvo and other contagions, do not take puppies until completely vaccinated! Keep your dog away from the huge drinking/wading buckets unless you want to risk upset GI. Watch out for rowdy and aggressive dogs, especially on the weekends, keep small dogs out of the big dog area to avoid trampling and predatory behavior. Several dogs have been injured or killed by other dogs at this park. Report problems to Redding Animal Control or Redding Sheriff's.

DON'T COME WITH: Young children, dogs in heat, timid or aggressive dogs, unhealthy dogs, unvaccinated dogs, more dogs than you can handle, any kind of food.

CLOSED: Starting April 1st through November the park will be closed Tues. mornings 6:30-10:00 for maintenance. Open 7 Days a Week the rest of the year, 6 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.

ADMINISTERED BY: Redding Parks, Benton Dog Park Association

USER FAVORITES:  Always a plastic bag within easy reach, usually friendly dogs to play with. This is a great place to practice your dog's recall. The parking lot, in view of dogs quietly romping, is a perfect place to do advanced training with distractions.

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