Encourage socially-integrated, well-behaved pets
Encourage community between dog-owners for peer support

Encourage humans to connect with canines through positive activities


We hold free, by-donation, and voucher/scholarship-discounted events to connect the public with new sports and training ideas. Since 2014, our activities have included: Pack walks, recall workshop, photo shoots, Farm Hunts, sheepherding instinct testing, pre-agility & agility classes, puppy classes, young puppy socials, drop-in obedience practice, fundraiser for Morris Animal Foundation, demos for elementary schools, lure-coursing, stay & come trials, agility fun runs, advanced obedience meetups, rattlesnake aversion clinics, and more!

Establishing a dedicated dog training facility is our primary fundraising purpose for 2017-2018

We are a 501(c)3 charitable purpose organization. Gifts are tax-deductable. The organization has no paid staff or boardmembers but there are ongoing expenses for equipment, insurance, and supplies. We also encourage you to visit our sponsors who have supplied us with the means to hold demos, contests, and events!

Our boardmembers

Shasta Dogs operates through a Board of Directors, governed by bylaws filed with the state of California. We have lively boardmeetings monthly to brainstorm on more sports, events, and training opportunities we can bring to Northern California!

Holly Carpentier,

Belgian Malinois' and occasional foster dogs. Trainer for Shasta County Search & Rescue K9 team. Obedience, Rally & protection.

Sharon Jerge, Vice President
Belgian Malinois' & other dogs, plus occasional foster dogs. Obedience, protection, Search & Rescue.

Celeste Schmidt

German Shepherds & numerous other dogs. Evaluator and trainer. Active in dock diving, Rally, protection, and more.

Jaclynn Scribner,

Australian Cattle Dog, Diesel

Terry Benson, Boardmember

Rat terriers, papillon.Agility, Farm Hunt, and obedience.

Scott Schaller, Boardmember
German Shepherd, Curry. Flyball, obedience.

Shasta Dogs PO BOX 304 Shasta CA 96087