Distraction Proofing Walks in Redding & Anderson
Practice behaviors & loose leash walking around other dogs, plus meet fellow dog-lovers!

Field Work
Our goal is to begin holding agility and obedience learning opportunities & demonstrations on a regular basis!

Fun Sports
We are pursuing ways to bring Earthdog, Barn Hunt, Treibball, weight-pulling & lure- coursing to the Redding area!

We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization dedicated to charitable and educational activities. Our goal is to get dogs out of the backyard and into fun activities and training. We want to make owners better at communicating with their dogs and dogs better equipped to thrive in our world!

We believe socially-integrated, well-behaved pets won't be easily abandoned, neglected, or allowed to cause disturbance in the community.

We believe owners can enjoy greater health and happiness as they learn and participate socially with their dogs.

This year, the Shasta Dogs Board of Directors has selected 3 primary objectives to focus on:

Heartworm education

Puppy vaccination information

Promoting the use of markers in dog training

The first 2 of these directives focus on keeping the larger population of dogs healthy. We will be using creative outlets to educate owners on the risks and prevention of lethal dangers like heartworm, Parvo & distemper.

Lastly, the use of a marker (aka “clicker” or “bridge,”) is, without dispute, the fastest, funnest, and easiest way to train an animal. However, it does take some practice for humans to catch on to how to use it! All of Shasta Dogs' events will include opportunities to learn more about the use of markers in training.

Building a thriving community of dog-lovers depends on YOU! Train your dog. Connect with other owners. Explore new sports and activities. Be an example of responsible & delightful dog ownership!

And we do ask that you GIVE to keep Shasta Dogs growing and dynamic. We are sniffing out all sorts of events & opportunities to bring to the Nor Cal dog community-- workshops, demos, media, training areas & equipment, entry-level sports competitions... the possibilities are exciting! The organization has no paid staff or boardmembers but there are ongoing expenses for equipment, insurance, and supplies.

Donations can be given via credit card or PayPal

Mail to Shasta Dogs, PO BOX 304, Shasta CA 96087

Please indicate if you would like a tax receipt.

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